KSDE Bronze

Not only is student achievement important while in school, it is important that their educational experience benefits them after graduation. We are proud of our JW Family in helping our students have ongoing success after graduation. Congratulations to our students and staff on this recognition!


Postsecondary Success

High school graduation is a major milestone for Kansas students, but it’s no longer the finish line it once was. 

A study conducted by the Georgetown Center for Education and the Workforce predicts that 71% of the jobs in Kansas will require some additional form of education after high school. That means 70 to 75% of all Kansas high school graduates must complete some level of postsecondary education, whether that is a four-year degree, two-year degree, certification program or entering the military, in order to meet Kansas’ workforce needs.

To help districts determine if students are continuing on the road to success two years after graduation, Kansas looks at three different measures, using a five-year average. 

  1. The postsecondary success rate is the percent of high school graduates who either earned an industry-recognized certification, a higher education degree or continued their education two years after graduation.

  2. The postsecondary effectiveness rate uses the same post high school criteria but includes all students who began high school in ninth grade, regardless of graduation status. 

  3. The postsecondary predicted effectiveness rate recognizes that Kansas communities are different. This measure attempts to level the comparison by recognizing certain risk factors (cumulative poverty, chronic absenteeism and student mobility) as influences on success. Accounting for the degree to which risks factors are present, this measure predicts a district’s expected effective rate. 

The Postsecondary Effectiveness Star Award recognizes districts that exceed the predicted effectiveness rates (including risk factors) compared to their actual effectiveness rate within a margin of error, with the highest recognition for those districts at or above 70%.


To be eligible for this recognition, a district must be performing at or above its predicted postsecondary effectiveness rate (allowing for a -.4 variance).

70% and above60%-69>55%-59>50%-54.9>