school lunch
We understand the importance of providing healthy food options for students each day. We also know that the current economy is challenging for more and more families as you visit the grocery store. Many times our family situations change during the school year. New family members, job change, health issues or other family dynamics that can open up support for families to continue to receive school meals for free. Now is a good time to reach out if your family situation has changed since our summer enrollment. Our district has many options to help families ensure their child(ren) can continue to receive meals every day and guidelines have been adjusted to accommodate more families and their needs based on current National economic trends. In addition, the transitioning from the Covid free lunch support for all students has also impacted the amount of assistance available. The process is completely confidential and you can also apply online. Our food nutrition staff is happy to help and we want to be proactive in helping families avoid facing challenges with large unmanageable student lunch balances. If you have questions or would like to visit further about how we can help, please contact our School Nutrition Director, Nicole Gillihan at (785)484-3444 or via email at