ImprintedWith Power

Every Friday, when school is in session, our Tiger Family celebrates  #Family Fridays. This tradition recently started where staff and students reflect on what our core values are as members of the Tiger Family.  Family members are encouraged to wear their Tiger Paw T-shirts on these Fridays. Coming soon, our students will be sporting their own family t-shirts! Our employee family winner is Mitch Dziewior. Congratulations Mr. Dziewrior!

We also want to share what that means to our parents, patrons, and community members. This week, we explain what #ImprintedWithPower means to the Tiger family.

The stripes of each tiger are unique to them no - two are the same. Stripes ripple with the strength of sinew and surprise. At Jeff West, each student bears strengths that makes them as distinctive as their fingerprints. During their education, they learn what it means to be a Jeff West Tiger-to be bold, caring, and committed to excellence. Through academics, athletics, and activities, they discover the power of hard work and discipline. At graduation, they're released to leave their unique print on the world.

Join us this year together as we become #ImprintedWithPower

 Heed the Roar