exchange group

Meriden, Kansas -  Our Tiger family welcomed 13 students from Germany this past Wednesday to Jeff West High School! The group from one of our partner schools, LSH Marquartstein arrived  late Wednesday evening in Meriden. The students from the German state of Bavaria travelled over 18 hours for their first trip to the United States. We are grateful for the host families in the Jefferson West district who stepped up in the eleventh hour to help these students have a great experience in Kansas after losing their partner school in late June.

As we prepare for a Tiger victory this evening, thank you Jeff West family for welcoming and helping these students experience a dream they worked so hard for, for over a year! Our Tiger Pride is shining bright this week. Over the next two weeks, we will be sharing their stories as they experience our Tiger family pride in the life of a Jeff West student! Be sure to say hello and follow their blog link which will be posted soon! 

We will also be recognizing our students, teacher sponsors and host families next week during half time at the home football game against Sabetha on September 15th at 7 PM at Tiger Stadium. Please join us for this special occasion as we thank our Veterans on our Military recognition night and our new friends from LSH Marquartstein.