Governor Photo

Meriden, Kansas - Jefferson West High School students traveled to Topeka today along with their German host students from LSH Marquartstein. The students are wrapping up their two week stay here at Jefferson West. The Jeff West High School family will be hosting a special family goodbye assembly tomorrow, September 20th at the high school beginning at 3:15 PM.

Students today traveled to the National Historic Park site,  Brown vs Board of Education, then traveled to the World Famous Topeka Zoo where Representative Fred Patton provided a in-depth tour of all the new exhibits at the Topeka Zoo.

After lunch, the student traveled to the Capitol building to learn about Kansas Government, history and tour the building. Representative Patton provided a tour of the House floor and answered many questions about the legislative process with the students.

After touring the Capitol building, students met briefly with Kansas Governor Kelly, who also shared her connection to Germany. From the Jeff West Family, thank you to our host families, Representative Patton and Governor Kelly for making this day special for our Jeff West students and German student partners. #HeedTheRoar