iPad Internet Away from School (Middle and High School)

Jefferson West student iPad internet use is monitored by our web filter.  Before students can do anything on the internet away from school, they have to log into the filter. 

To access the internet away from school, students need to:
-  Connect to Wi-Fi at their location
-  Open the Safari App on the iPad
-  Navigate to a site that is blocked at all times such as yahoo.com or poker.com
-  A blue screen will appear showing the site is blocked
-  Tap “not you” in the upper left corner
-  Enter student’s log in information.  If you do not know the log in, please check with the school office.
-  The iPad will show that the site is blocked; however, students can now use the iPad on sites/apps that
    are allowed

It’s important for students to understand that this has to be done once every 24 hours and every time they connect to a new Wi-Fi source.  They will not be able to use some apps and won’t be able to use Safari until they do this each time.

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